We are in very unprecedented times both in a health and a financial perspective, but you need to remember unexpected world events which have sudden, material impacts on the financial markets are nothing new. It is important to keep the volatility of the stock markets of the world in perspective. While at the time it can feel like a crisis is rapidly unfolding and the smart course of action is to move out of the markets, history reveals this could have had a devastating effect on an investor’s long-term returns.

It is our belief at Pembrokeshire Wealth that the only way to counteract the impact of these rare market shocks is to use providers that build an investment philosophy firmly rooted in proper diversification and asset allocation. Then predicting these events becomes largely unnecessary, as a properly diversified portfolio is equipped to face periods of market turmoil.

The general principle in times that we are now experiencing is that it would be a mistake to encash or reduce the risk in your portfolio. Markets have always moved in cycles and as history has proven, it will ultimately recover and hence if you were to realise losses now you could be selling at the bottom and then you would be missing the recovery when it happens.

We understand that you may be anxious about your investments so if you would like to call and discuss the matter further please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or email on the following :

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Although the majority of our staff are now working from home, we are still operating as normal, albeit a little slower than usual and we welcome the opportunity to put your mind at rest.

Stay Safe!

Kindest regards and best wishes

Gareth Dewhurst & Tony Upham